1. Guaranteed Lowest Prices

In San Francisco Segway Tours you get a lot more, for much less! We do Boast the best rates in San Francisco, without compromising out Tours' quality, safety, and duration. That is why our San Francisco tours are ranked among San Francisco's top rated gigs. And remember - Our Prices Cannot be Beaten!!!

2. Hands on training

San Francisco Segway Tour guides train you on the spot, individually, with live presentations, not with training videos. As our customers will tell you, our group is ready to roll, trained and fully prepared in less than 30 minutes, while other agencies use a 60-minute training video and zero hands on training. Evidently, live training inspires confidence and trust - videos don't.

3. No damage deposit is required

While most Segway tour agencies ask hundreds of dollars in advance as security for probable damages - often wishing you break something and pay double or triple the actual damage repair, San Francisco Segway Tour sets your safety and fun as a priority, not your wallet.

4. The Latest Segway Models

Contrary to the old, slow, less responsive and badly-maintained Segway models used widely from others, we provide our customers always and only the latest Segway models. Our fleet includes the celebrated i2 and x2, famed for their speed, easy handling, and swift responses.

5. Hand-selected Staff

Segways are at the center of our tours, but just one part of the whole experience. The tour guide's experience and character are even more important. It may sound a bit...  arrogant but it' 100% true: we have the best guides in the business - for we hire only the best. Boasting extensive Segway certification training, they put above all their professionalism, politeness, and personal interest, as well as their ability to connect with people of all ages - youngsters, teens, grandmas, or corporate executives!

6. Fun while informative

San Francisco tour guides are handpicked and trained in a way it ensures fascinating and accurate information about all sights and attractions, blending knowledge and fun.

Regale yourself with fascinating tales from San Francisco's legendary past, while marveling mesmerizing views - zipping in less than 3 hours experiences that would otherwise require days to live.

7. Rain Checks with (NO Expiration Date)

While most Segway tour agencies do not allow customers to cancel or reschedule your reservation because of an emergency or bad weather conditions. Hence, you will have to ride and get drenched in rain water or freeze to the bone - or lose your money.

On the contrary, San Francisco Segway Tour puts your safety and certified fun above all, by allowing you to reschedule instead of catching a cold and spend your holidays in bed! We issue a voucher / Rain Check for you with no expiration date, enabling you to reschedule.

8. Boutique tour operation

Our personable touch makes us much more dynamic than larger agencies, allowing us to offer lower rates and best attention to all our customers.

9. Copying is a form of flattery

Our competitors always play "catch up" with us, copying and launching versions of features we already offer. That's Ok with us!

In fact, we boast being our industry's leaders and always strive to raise the bar incessantly.

10. An array of different Segway colors

We offer a wide variety of Segway colors for you to choose from. Mix and match with your attire, or pick the dye that will make you stand out from the crowd!

11. Two pure hours of Segway riding

Contrary to certain Segway tour agencies claim to offer three hours of touring, including a boring and useless hour watching training videos, and never-ending stops for beverages and snacks, we thin time during a tour should not be wasted, but used to the full!

12. Small groups for safety and personal attention

We always opt for small group tours, both to ensure safety and provide the best possible personal attention. Believe us, joining a 30-person group tour will prove far from thrilling!

13. Generous discounts for repeat riders

The San Francisco Segway Tour is the ONLY agency offering discounts for prices for repeat riders every time they return and re-tour with us.

14. Safety training bars

We are the ONLY agency offering safety training bars on our Segways to expedite training drills and simplify orientation, getting you up and ready to roll much faster and full of confidence.

15. Comfort mats available

We are the ONLY Segway agency providing comfort mats to ease stiff legs or tired feet and guarantee an enjoyable ride.

16. Kick stands are installed on our Segways

We are the ONLY agency offering kickstands for your Segway. Thus you won't need to bend all time picking up or parking your Segway.

17. Lights and taillights for the evening tours

That's right; our Segways are equipped with lights and taillights for evening touring - contrary to most other agencies.

18. Flexible and private Segway tours

We offer highly flexible, personable and private sections tours.

19. The Service

We model our services on the operation quality of a 5-star Hotel. Take their concierges, for instance. Always ready to serve. That's our philosophy too. Probably that is the reason so many San Francisco hotels recommend us to their guests.

+1 extra reason why we are better than any other Segway tour company

At San Francisco Segway Tours we offer the best, most entertaining, informative and comprehensive tour of the city. Our goal? Offering you a treasure chest of unforgettable moments, a memory book of never-fading, mesmerizing experiences!

A good tour is satisfactory, but a great tour, especially one led by a skilled guide or even the owner, is a once in a lifetime experience, cherish for ever. San Francisco Segway Tours makes sure each of our tours proves a great one indeed!

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