Did you know? SF has one of the largest billionaire populations in the world

Does living in San Francisco make you more likely to become a billionaire, or are billionaires simply drawn to this beautiful, innovative and inspiring city? Either way, there’s something going right around here when it comes to accumulating wealth as San Francisco’s Bay Area is home to the world’s third largest billionaire population

Wealth-X is a New York based data analysis service with a focus on the super rich. The company has recently reported that wealth in San Francisco is on the increase. Of the 2604 billionaires in the world, 705 of them live in the US, and 75 billionaires call San Francisco their home.


Where has more billionaires than San Francisco?

The report showed that the area with the most billionaires is New York with 105 billionaire inhabitants, followed by Hong Kong with 87. However, in the same census last year, Hong Kong had 93 billionaires, so that’s a drop of 6. With the number of San Francisco billionaires on the rise, next year could perhaps see SF make the number 2 spot.


The most billionaires per inhabitant

While San Francisco doesn’t hit the top spot for overall numbers of billionaires, it does have way more billionaires per capita than any other city in the world. For every 11,600 San Francisco residents, one of them is a billionaire! New York only has one billionaire per 80,000 residents!


The Bay Area Billionaires

The Bay Area Billionaires 1

Four Bay Area billionaires have made it onto the list of the 50 richest people in the world. They are Larry Ellison founder of Oracle who is worth $62.5 billion, Zuckerberg worth $62.3 billion and the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin worth $50.8 billion and $49.8 billion respectively.


Anything’s possible in San Francisco

These facts may not come as a surprise to anyone who has visited San Francisco. There’s something truly magical and inspiring about this city. It’s a place where dreams can and do come true. When you’re in San Francisco, your goals become more readily attainable, you can set your sights higher and others around you are enthusiastic and positive about new ideas, creativity and innovation. Technology industries thrive here and the people are always keen to try something new.


The perfect billionaire transport

The perfect billionaire transport

The segway is the perfect mode of transport for any billionaire wanting an eco-friendly way to get around their estate or their large office buildings. It’s fun, it’s innovative, it’s green and it’s just a little wacky! But the even better news is that you don’t need to be a billionaire to enjoy the freedom and joy of whizzing around the streets of San Francisco on a segway. Book online today for your San Francisco segway tour and you’ll find prices that are very affordable. Your tour will be educational, thoroughly enjoyable, and highly inspirational. Perhaps while you’re gliding around the Bay Area, a seed of a bright idea will set in your mind and you’ll be another billionaire on the list for the Wealth-X report next year!


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