Your monthly guide: 5 things you can do in SF this month

San Francisco is a fun, beautiful and vibrant city all year round, but at this time of year, it’s particularly stunning. The weather is glorious and there’s so much going on. It really is the perfect time to plan your trip to San Francisco. Whether you’re visiting as a treat for kids on vacation from school, or you’re having a romantic break with your loved one, San Francisco has so much to offer. Here are five great places to visit in San Francisco this month…


The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

Of course no trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, but at this time of year you’ll get some truly amazing photos and it will look superb. With clear skies and bright sunshine you’ll be able to see the entire span of the bridge. You should view the bridge in two stages. You’ll want to get up close to the bridge and take a walk along the footpath that takes you right across to the other side. The views from the centre are unbelievable. But it’s also brilliant to take a trip up to higher ground or to Baker Beach to photograph the bridge from a distance.


Golden Gate Park

The great thing about San Francisco is that there are so many wonderful green spaces to escape to if you want to get away from the city hustle and bustle and relax a while. When the sun is at its hottest at midday, you can easily find yourself tiring when you’re touring the city. Step away from the streets and into the Golden Gate Park and discover a tranquil piece of paradise. This park is huge, there’s so much to see, and you can explore it at your leisure. The exquisite Japanese Tea Garden is certainly not to be missed and you’ll find plenty of places to enjoy a leisurely picnic, and playgrounds for the kids to play in if they’re still brimming with energy.


Yerba Buena Gardens

Another great place to chill out is the Yerba Buena Gardens. Take time out to enjoy a refreshing drink at one of the cafes, then stroll around the varied gardens, there’s something to delight around every corner. There’s the Cho-En Butterfly Garden, the Reflection Garden, designed as a tribute to the Ohlone Indians, the Sister City Garden with plants from all over the world, and the East Garden full of beautiful sculptures and water features. 


Twin Peaks

For the best panoramic city views, the hike to Twin Peaks is well worth it. Other than Mount Davidson, this is the highest point in the city and it’s as beautiful at night as it is by day, so it’s certainly worth two trips if you have the time on your vacation. From the top you’ll have breathtaking views of some great San Francisco landmarks, the Bay Bridge and a wealth of skyscrapers.


The Castro

The Castro

Considered to be the gay capital of the world, the Castro has a rich history with regards to LGBTQ rights that dates back to the 1970s. This colourful neighbourhood offers some rich photo opportunities that are a little different from the usual San Francisco iconic sights. You’ll find the area fun with a laid back atmosphere, and a visit to the LGBT museum on 18th street is very enlightening.


A Segway Tour

This month, the weather is ideal for taking a segway tour of the city. In the height of summer, walking around the streets of San Francisco can be especially tiring, and driving around can just get stuffy. You want to be out in the sunshine, but you don’t want to get hot and exhausted. A segway tour is the perfect answer! Book your tour today directly from our website.


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