5 Fairytale Locations in San Francisco you can Visit for Free

San Francisco is certainly an enchanting city. There are so many magical places to visit, places to inspire you and feed your imagination. Take time to explore San Francisco and you’re sure to discover some mysterious and extraordinary spots. Here are some ideas for wonderful otherworldly locations to visit on your next trip to this spellbinding city and what’s more, they’re all free of charge!


Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

If the fairies were choosing a new home, then we’re sure they’d head for Golden Gate Park. It has such a magical feel to it, we wouldn’t be surprised if the fairies are already there. They would probably like the enchanting Japanese Tea Garden best of all.  Check out the koi ponds, the cherry trees, and the stunning five storey pagoda. This park is huge, so be sure to allocate lots of time for exploring the trails. Take a picnic, but watch out for naughty elves trying to steal your sandwiches!


The Presidio Trails

Every good fairytale needs a magical forest. You’ll feel like Little Red Riding Hood as you head along the trails, but don’t worry, there are no Big Bad Wolves waiting to eat Grandma here! There are 12 beautiful hiking trails to follow with some wonderful views to surprise you along the way.


Yerba Buena Gardens

After a few hours of exploring the city, head to the Yerba Buena Gardens where you’ll feel instantly relaxed and revitalised. Full of magical water features, and bewitching sculptures, it’s a fantastical location that’s not to be missed. If you think you’ve spotted fairies here, look again, you might have strolled into the magnificent Cho-En Butterfly Garden!


Baker Beach

For the most magical, breathtaking views, head to Baker Beach. It’s particularly enchanting later in the afternoon, with the setting sun, the rolling waves, the stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands. At this time of day you can sometimes even get the beach all to yourself, which is a truly entrancing experience.




Visit San Francisco’s Chinatown and take a stroll around the streets. You’re instantly transported 6500 miles to China, as if by magic! The beautiful Chinatown gate is a lovely place to take some photographs and there are so many wonderful shops to pick up some unique souvenirs. If you love Chinese food, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing places to eat, all serving true authentic Chinese cuisine. Venture on to Waverly Place and discover Tin How Temple. The oldest Chinese temple in all of America. If you’ve ever wondered quite how they get the fortunes into fortune cookies, you can take a tour of the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory and find out how!


Book the most magical mode of transport

Book the most magical mode of transport

To continue your fairytale trip to San Francisco, why not book a segway tour? You’ll glide along the streets as if by magic, with the breeze in your hair and for certain a huge smile on your face. It’s the most fun you can have on two wheels that’s for sure! Visit our website and book your whole family on a tour today.


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