SF’s best Viewpoints for Instagram while taking a Segway Tour

The memories you make on a trip to San Francisco are amazing, but they only exist in your mind, you can’t share them. So taking plenty of photos on your visit is a must. You’ll treasure all those images, but the best ones, those really spectacular photos that capture the essence of San Francisco, are going to be the ones that you share on Instagram. Your friends and family back home can see where you are, admire your photography skills, and perhaps secretly you want them to be just a little bit jealous.

Take a segway tour and you can experience all the best viewpoints to take those fantastic Instagram images. Your tour will cover all the best views of the most picturesque points in the city. Your guide will make a point of showing you the perfect spots to take your photographs. Here’s our list of stunning viewpoints that’ll you’ll definitely want to capture…


The Golden Gate Bridge

the golden gate bridge

Does anyone visit San Francisco without taking a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge? There are plenty of places where you can take a truly spectacular photo. Your segway tour guide will know the very best spots for Instagram photos that will take your breath away.

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Views of Alcatraz

There’s something rather eerie about Alcatraz.  Take your tour in the evening and your images will be even more atmospheric. You won’t need to add filters to make these photos look amazing.


The Cable Car Turnaround

The cable car turnaround is fascinating to watch, and it gives you a great chance to take an interesting photo that is a little different from the usual San Francisco icons. The cable cars can’t reverse, so instead they are spun around on a turntable. The historic cars themselves are very Instagram worthy, capture them on the turnaround and you add an extra dimension to your images.


Ghirardelli Square

Originally a chocolate factory, this fine array of shops and restaurants is a great place to hang out, but the unique architecture of the square makes it very photogenic too. Day or night, you’ll get some fantastic images here.


Pier 39

pier 39

You’ll certainly want to take plenty of photos when your tour passes through Pier 39. The pier itself has so much going on, you’ll capture some great shots. It’s also the perfect place to get some city skyline photos, and go for the cute factor with some photos of the resident Californian sea lions, basking in the marina.

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The Beaches

When you told your friends, you were taking a trip to San Francisco, they won’t have imagined a beach holiday, so take some photos of the beautiful golden sand beaches and show them that San Francisco has so much more to offer than any other city.


Go for variety

On your segway tour, you’ll visit so many different sights. You’ll have plenty of photo opportunities, so take advantage of them all. Later you can pick out your favourites to post on Instagram. You’ll soon be checking back to see all the likes your photos have had!


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