What Is the Best Way to Celebrate Your Partner’s Birthday in San Francisco?

inner san francisco partner birthday

Agreed, this year you must organise something special, think out of the box, and escape the usual milk-and-water dinners.

First, plan a journey somewhere special – San Francisco, for example, is a fantastic destination for rekindling the romance between you without getting stuck with conventional killjoy ‘sweetheart’ options. Rife with all sorts of fun-packed alternatives, San Francisco is just the place for some unforgettable moments with your soulmate.  


  1. Jump on Giant Trampolines in the House of Air

No matter your age, stamina or physical flexibility, trampoline jumping never fails to excite and cause laughter – especially if you haven’t tried it before!

The House of Air is housed in an old airplane hangar of more than 2,000 square metres and is covered with gigantic trampolines, rented per hour. If you genuinely wish for an unconventional celebration or a fun-start for the whole day, this is the place to go!


  1. Bowling Maybe?

San Francisco’s Mission Bowling Club is much more than just a haven for bowling buffs. A great, care-free environment, craft cocktails and wonderful bar bites make it the perfect blend of a casual bar and a fun activity venue. Another equally interesting option in the same vein is the Presidio Bowling Center, which offers an array of craft beers and wines, and the Lucky Strike, famed for its excellent restaurant menu.


  1. Join a Hotel Pool Party

inner hotel pool party

if you plan to bring friends along and not celebrate the day just the two of you, why not take the whole gang on a little hotel party?

Several hotels rent their outdoor pools and themed bars for such private parties while offering the guests a stroke of elegance and luxury that can never be found in your apartment or even in a conventional ‘romantic’ restaurant.


  1. Indoor Sky Diving

If you are both adrenaline addicts and wish to enjoy together some time of thrill and excitement, why not try some indoor sky-diving to San Francisco’s iFly! If you wish to bring friends along with you or further embellish the whole experience, talk to iFly’s on-site party coordinator to help you out with the details.


  1. Segway Tour

Still, if you truly wish to have a fun-packed multisensory experience and you have never been in San Francisco before, or you haven’t had the chance to explore the city’s gems and important sights, a Segway tour is the best way to top off your trip to the Golden Gate City!

It is not just the fun of riding this two-wheeled carrier and moving graciously around the city. You will also have the chance to learn all sorts of interesting things while seeing up-close San Francisco’s most important monuments and sights, in a little less than two hours! Thus, you will save plenty of time from pointless rambling and really make the best of your stay in San Francisco!  

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