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Deciding what to eat in San Francisco – a city where several food and drink trends first started, where world-famed dishes were born, where cuisines and culinary cultures from all around the world met and interweaved for decades; well, not an easy task if you plan to stay there just for a few days, that’s for sure, unless you make the most of the suggestions of our experienced San Francisco guides


  1. San Francisco’s Ice Cream

San Francisco took over as the ultimate ice-cream destination in the States in the mid-twentieth century when true giants of the industry like Mitchell's, Polly Ann and Swensen's have literally changed the industry with their innovations.

Mitchell’s, for example, first brought Filipino flavours, like Ube and Buko (young coconut), and San Francisco saw first the It’s-It ice cream sandwich ever! Still, it would be a mistake to suppose that the city just sits upon its laurels and has ceased to be creative. A mere decade ago we saw the first salted caramel ice cream and the Secret Breakfast ice cream, subtly flavoured with bourbon and cornflakes!

So yes, ice cream is something you must try during your stay in the City of the Bay – and a couple of different flavours a day if you want to get a glimpse of what’s happening there!  


  1. Dim Sum

Hong Kong is their birthplace, but San Francisco is where they took over the world and became famous! On top of that, San Francisco boasts the widest variety of dim sums in the world.

It all started back in the mid-sixties, with the now world-famed Hakka-style dim sums. Soon, the Xiao Long Bao dumplings took the stage, and ever since San Francisco turned into the ultimate destination for this oriental delicacy.   


  1. Tea Leaf Salad

As we said, San Francisco is a true melting pot for cuisines from the furthest corner of the earth and has helped food-lovers to discover hidden gems that would otherwise require a lot of travelling to unearth.

A prime example is the Tea Leaf Salad, an authentic Burmese dish, which is very popular among locals and visitors alike in San Francisco.


  1. Sourdough Bread

inner sourough bread

San Francisco has always loved bread, ever since scores of poor workers flooded the city and needed something cheap and nutritious to raise their families.

During the legendary Gold Rush, bakers created a type of pastry that came to be known as the Sourdough Bread. You can find everywhere across the city and will amaze your palate with its mouth-watering flavour.  


  1. Sushi

Did you know that California has the biggest Japanese population outside Japan? It is hardly surprising then that Japanese cuisines and sushi, one of its most emblematic dishes, are so popular in San Francisco!


  1. Mission Burritos

Modern-day burritos are, of course, an 100% American delicacy, and San Francisco’s Mission burritos are considered by many among its best versions.

First appearing during the 1960s, Mission-Style Burritos rule the street food scene across the city, with taco stands all across the city battling each other for the throne of the best burritos in town.


  1. Cioppino

Closing our list, we have an iconic Italian dish that has literally evolved to its prime in California; we refer of course to Cioppino, which has already a history of more than two centuries in the city of the Bay.

Basically, a seafood stew cooked in a broth made of tomato and wine, Cioppino is properly made only with fresh catches, including mussels, clams, scallops, squid, shrimp and fish, and served with a couple of crispy sourdough bread slices.

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