Undiscovered travel gems you must visit in San Francisco

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When you visit San Francisco, you’ll want to see all the sights. Of course you’ll want to walk or cycle along the Golden Gate Bridge, and take a tour of Alcatraz but once you’ve seen the world famous attractions, it’s time to hunt out those hidden gems that are off the beaten tourist track, but are still amazing in their own way. Here are some of the gems of the city that you may not have heard of, that you can add into your travel plans for some really fun and interesting days out...


Sutro Baths Ruins and Cave

The Sutro Baths are truly fascinating, they are now in ruins, having closed during the Great Depression, but are still magnificent and well worth a visit. The structure was the brain child of Adolph Sutro, a millionaire who decided to build the world’s largest indoor swimming pool back in 1894. The pool was filled from the ocean at high tide with 1.7 million gallons of water in just one hour.


Yerba Buena Gardens Sculptures

inner garden sculptures

A great place for the most interesting walk, a trip to Yerba Buena Gardens rewards you with some fabulous sights to behold. You’ll discover many sculptures there, but do look out for Urge, a figure in bronze by Chico MacMurtrie, close to the children’s garden. Sit on the bench opposite the sculpture, and as you sit down, so does the figure! It’s truly fascinating.


The Parrots of Telegraph Hill

The wild parrots of Telegraph Hill are great to watch. It’s not fully known how they happened to be there, but it’s likely the original parrots were pets that had escaped or were set free. Back in 1989 there were four parrots living here, but their numbers have increased massively over the years and now there are over 100 parrots so you’re guaranteed to see them if you take a trip to Telegraph Hill.

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The Labyrinth at Lands End

For a tranquil escape from the busy city, take a trip to Eagle Point at Lands End Park. Here you will find a labyrinth of rocks created by an artist who just knew this was the ultimate spot for meditation. Relax here for a while and feel all the stresses and strains of everyday life drift away. The ocean views from this magnificent point will take your breath away.


Cayuga Park

inner Cayuga Park

The transformation of this city park has been a labour of love for one city gardener. Set in 11 acres, this park was previously rather unattractive and unpopular. However, it is now a really beautiful place to visit with something quirky and interesting around every corner. Stroll around the park and you’ll come across some fabulous works of art. There are totems and sculptures, giving you some fantastic photo opportunities, and don’t forget to stop and read the signs. These are not your usual ‘keep off the grass’ or ‘no balls games’ signs. Instead you’ll find thoughtful and motivational messages to brighten your day.


The Vulcan Stairway

One of the most interesting scenic stairways of the city, the Vulcan Stairway spans two blocks and gives you a great view of some stunning Victorian homes and their pretty gardens. You can only see this view on foot, so you won’t catch this if you take a bus tour or visit by car.


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