6 Facts You Didn't Know About Segway

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Segway boasts an exciting history. Starting as an idea in the minds of people who craved to revolutionise transportation, Segway took over the world in less than two decades.  

Being able to move around smoothly on a two-wheel vehicle controlled by the movement of your body is indeed such a fantastic idea, that it would be nice to learn a few things about how it was developed.

Bellow, you will discover 6 fascinating facts about Segway and its history you probably didn’t know.  


  1. First Presentation

Segway was invented by Dean Kamen, who presented his prototype for the first time to the public almost 20 years ago, in 2001. The main idea behind his invention was to provide to people of all ages a vehicle that would easily and effortlessly carry them around the city centre.


  1. Why “Segway?”

Kamen called his creation “Segway” from the word “segue” that means “smooth transition from one place or thing to another.” He thought it an excellent way to describe how it moved around.

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  1. Gyroscopic Moving System

Segway is equipped with an elaborate system of several gyroscopes – that is mounted rotating wheels capable of turning in any direction. This complex and sophisticated system affords Segway dynamic stabilisation, enabling it to balance itself and stand upright. Numerous tilt sensors monitor the user’s centre of gravity 100 times per second, keeping him standing and safe at all times.


  1. Weight & Speed

In spite of their sturdy looks, Segways weigh no more than 65 pounds. Being so light, they can move as fast as 12.5 mph, with a 1.5 kW wattage and 2 horsepower.  


  1. New Segway Models

Since 2003, when Segways were first sold to customers, Segway has launched several models, constantly developing its features and speed. Three years later the i2 and x2 models were launched, optimised for different terrains - the x2 model for rougher, mountainous terrain, and the i2 for moving through traffic jams and city centres.

Today, Segways move faster, are much steadier and sturdier, as well as easier to steer even for people with zero experience, allowing the user to the handlebars left or right during turns.


  1. Segway is the Best Way to Discover San Francisco!

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San Francisco, one of the most charming USA cities, boasts such a fascinating history and such an array of sights, monuments and attractions, that could really take days or weeks for a visitor to explore it all.

That is why Segway tours of San Francisco are so popular! They give you the chance to explore most of San Francisco in just two hours while learning all sorts of interesting stories and legends about the city and its people!

Starting your ride from the Fisherman's Wharf and the emblematic Golden Gate Bridge, you will move to the Presidio and the Palace of Fine Arts and catch a glimpse of the notorious Alcatraz prison, while regaled with tales about some of its infamous inmates, like Al Capone.

Then quickly move to the Golden Gate Park, one of the largest urban parks in the world, the California Academy of Sciences, the Botanical Gardens, the Conservatory of Flowers and San Francisco’s Japanese Tea Garden, Aquatic Park and Maritime National Historical Park!

After exploring the city’s Russian Hill and some of its most historic neighbourhoods like Little Italy and Pier 39, you may close your Segway tour with some views over the city’s sublime skyline.


Can you imagine a funnier, more educational and exciting way to visit all these fantastic sights and attractions in just two hours?

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