Outdoors Adventures You Shouldn’t Miss In San Francisco

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None goes to San Francisco to stay indoors – especially during the spring! To get the city’s vibe and really take in its charm and allure, you must go out and explore its outdoor adventure venues. Here is a short list of where you can go and what you can try when it comes to outdoor fun!


Bike Across the Golden Gate Bridge

When you are done marvelling at the Golden Gate Bridge, you can try crossing it on a rented bike. Next, you can visit the Golden Gate Park, an urban haven of more than 1,000 acres, ideal for jogging, biking, hiking, fooling around and having a picnic with your family and friends. Should you need a break from your chosen outdoor activity, you can pay a visit to the San Francisco Botanical Garden, the de Young Museum, and the Japanese Tea Garden.


Panoramic Views of the Coit Tower

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Pay a visit to the Coit Tower, the only place in San Francisco offering truly sublime 360-degree views of the whole city! Rising to more than 200 feet above ground up on the Telegraph Hill, the Tower has an elevator taking up visitors to an observation deck, facing the Golden Gate Bridge and most of the local sights and monuments.


Join the Action in Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf is San Francisco’s most vibrant district, and joining some of the action there can only make your stay more interesting. The Fisherman’s Wharf is the starting point for all Alcatraz tours. You can also stroll through the Fish Alley and meet the iconic and rowdy sea lions at Pier 39.

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Walk Down the Lombard Street

Lombard Street is one of the most widely photographed, as well as steepest and most crooked, streets around the globe! Its strange, wavy spine makes it perfect for some pretty amazing photos of the surrounding neighbourhoods. You can either walk it down or board the famed Hyde Street cable car.


Hike Around the Angel Island

Angel Island, a landscaped area of more than 700 acres, is a magnet for bikers and hikers, despite its dark past as an internment camp for immigrants and Japanese and German captives during WWII.


What About Baseball?  

Based in AT&T Park, the San Francisco Giants is a haven for baseball fans and ideal for visitors from Europe who are interested in the game but scarcely understand its complicated rules.


Visit the Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts is the perfect spot for resting the body and feasting your eyes on some exquisite pieces of art. Erected more than a century ago as a temporary venue, the Palace of Fine Arts eventually became an indivisible part of the city.


Explore the Lands End Area  

Last, a visit to Lands End will give you the chance to access the Coastal Trail and reach, on foot, the Cliff House and the Sutro Baths. Views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge are spectacular, and hiking the area is really worth your time and energy.


Did we forget something? How about riding an agile two-wheeled vehicle and visiting San Francisco’s most important sights, monuments and points of historical interest?

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