5+1 Facts About the Golden Gate Bridge

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Ever since it towered over the San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge has been the city’s most iconic sight and a “must” for all first-time visitors.

Still, just seeing the Bridge without knowing a few things about it takes away much of its magic. During our Segway Tours, we always make sure to regale our friends with tales and legends about this engineering wonder. Below, you will have a taste of the things you may learn by joining us!


  1. The Golden Gate Bridge was Built in Four Years

It may strike as a surprise, especially for anyone seeing this gigantic construction up-close, but the Golden Gate Bridge took just four years to build. Construction works commenced in 1933, amidst the gloomy stock market crisis that plunged the USA to the Great Depression era.

Work continued rapidly and finished under budget and ahead of schedule in 1937, linking directly San Francisco and Marin County for the first time.


  1. It Took its Name from the Strait It Bridged

inner strait it bridged

Yes, the Bridge was constructed over a water passage that was known as the Golden Gate Strait, that led to the city from the Pacific Ocean. Now, the Strait itself was named after a topographer in 1846, who thought it resembled a port in Constantinople known as the “Golden Horn.”


  1. People Died Building this Bridge

Finding workers willing to take risks was not that difficult during the Great Depression, and while the engineers strived to prevent accidents, they were not successful. At least 30 workers lost their balance, and eleven of them dropped down to an agonising death when the safety net failed to catch them.  


  1. It was Dethroned in 1964

Ever since its completion in 1937, Golden Gate Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world, spanning no less than 4,200 feet! It held sway just for two decades though, since in 1964 it lost its sceptres by the Verrazzano Bridge in New York. Today it remains among the biggest in the world, currently holding the ninth place.

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  1. Initial Plans Called for a Black and Yellow Paint

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Golden Gate Bridge is, of course, its colour – this beautiful orange, reddish hue that has added to its reputation. Still, initially, its constructors thought of a black and yellow combination, as a means of making it easily visible for passing vessels. Later on, this charming version of international orange seemed nicer against the landscape and made the bridge much more discernible in heavy fog.


Great isn’t it? Imagine how much more fascinating it can get standing upon the Golden Gate Bridge and learning more of its secrets, along with tales from San Francisco’s legendary past! 

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