5 reasons to Visit San Francisco in Winter

inner 5 reasons to visit San Francisco

Winter temperatures may be chilly in San Francisco, but there is still plenty to do and see in this city of wonders, both indoors and outdoors. Check our list, and you will soon find your idea of a winter visit in San Francisco even more appealing!


  1. Visit the California Academy of Sciences

Now there is a great idea to spend some quality time indoors with the whole family! The California Academy of Sciences is a treasure chest for science buffs, with its vast range of cool exhibits, its planetarium, aquarium, four-story living rainforest, and natural history museum – yes, all hosted in the same complex!

Still, Claude is probably the star of the show: this extremely rare white alligator often steals the glory even from the gigantic skeleton of a fierce-looking T-Rex hosted in the Academy’s central hall.

The California Academy of Sciences is just on the east side of the famed Golden Gate Park and across the de Young Fine Arts Museum, so, failing to visit would indeed be a shame.


  1. Explore the Infamous Alcatraz

inner Alcatraz

Sure, taking the ferry ride (it lasts around 20 minutes) may expose you to the freezing breeze of the Bay, yet a visit to the infamous lodgings of Al Capone and other notorious criminals is a must for anyone going to San Francisco for the first time. Besides, most of the tour in this unique prison is indoors, taking you around the cells, prison gates and watches. Tours are available all week, even during the evenings from Thursday to Monday.

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  1. Enjoy Live Music Events

Locals simply love music, and San Francisco is considered a world-scale metropolis in when it comes to jazz and rock, attracting all year round, especially in winter, eminent musicians and bands from all sorts of music genres.

San Francisco boasts innumerable live music events and venues, from large concert halls, such as Warfield and the Fillmore, to shady joints and intimate venues like the illustrious Cafe du Nord. Being so many, the best thing to do is pick your favourite genres and then make a research of the best matching venues across the city. 


  1. How About Some Shopping?

If you love blending your family escapes with shopping, San Francisco is definitely your type of city.

Be it holiday gifts, souvenirs, clothes or gadgets, San Francisco has it all – and at great prices too. Since you probably wish to combine shopping with sightseeing, opt for Pier 39 and the Ghirardelli Square – there are perfect spots for dining to. Other great shopping magnets include the Union Square, Union and Chestnut Streets in the Marina, the Ferry Building, and – of course – San Francisco’s famed Chinatown district.


  1. Segway Tour

Last, we couldn’t leave out from our list the single fun-packed way of seeing most of San Francisco’s sights and places of interest in just a couple of hours, without dying from exhaustion nor spending a fortune in taxi rides: join one of our San Francisco Segway Tours!

Moving around the city’s monuments, parks and sights with grace, while listening to all sorts of fascinating stories and legends about the city’s thrilling past, is surely an excellent reason to visit San Francisco this winter!  


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