The ultimate Christmas guide to have fun in San Francisco 

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Holidays are on our doorstep and you already took the first step to some genuine fun with the whole family, picking San Francisco for your holiday escape destination.  

Still, there is no reason to stick to the usual festive options and just exhaust yourself to endless shopping. San Francisco offers you the chance to break the mould and try all sorts of different and fun-packed things this December!   


  • Try some Gingerbread 

Gingerbread is not an easy treat to make. Far from it. If you have ever tried it, you probably know how difficult it is to gather all the ingredients, cook it and decorate it properly. And if that’s difficult, making a whole gingerbread house is nothing less than a feat.  

Still,  visit some local Hotels who have as a tradition to create extraordinary Gingerbread bricks! The sheer number of home-baked gingerbread bricks and treats used – weighing a little less than a tone - makes a visit a simple “must” during your stay in San Francisco!  


  • Enjoy a Romantic Ramble by the Bay Lights 

Going to San Francisco and not spending an evening by the San Francisco Ferry Building is a capital crime for locals, especially in December, since the place offers the best light show in the Bay Area, the Bay Lights.  

Adorned with more than 25,000 energy efficient LED lights along the 3 km of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, the bridge bursts into light every day between sunset and 2:00 AM, carving an unforgettable memory into the visitor’s heart and mind; just perfect for romantic souls.  


  • Maybe Try Some Ice Skating?   

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Sure, December temperatures are very low in San Francisco, so ice-skating may sound a bit… audacious. However, all who have tried it will tell you that the exhilaration and fun you have while trying desperately to stand on your tiny skates will warm your body within a split second!

San Francisco offers visitors three public ice skating rinks, all in the heart of the city, namely the Embarcadero Centre, the Yerba Buena Gardens Ice Rink and the Union Square. 


  • Visit the Rescue Animals at Macy’s 

This one is a great way to teach your children what true, disinterested love means.  

Every year, Macy’s join the SPCA and display rescued animals in the windows of the department store, in an effort to raise awareness and help people see how warming and wonderful it is to show love and kindness to our planet’s “roommates.” Be it cute kittens or irresistibly adorable puppies, all anumals are hosted in nice warm sockets in the Stores display windows and are available for adoption! So, if you love animals and there is a place for one in your house, a visit to this truly unique venue will probably offer you the chance get the best possible memento from your visit in San Francisco!  


  • Segway 

San Francisco is indeed a gigantic treasure chest of monuments, sights, festivals and romantic spots. And there is only one way to see them all in a fun-packed and effortless way! The Segway!  

The best way to explore the city without getting tangled in the horrific holiday traffic or dropping down from exhaustion is to join one of our tailored Segway tours. In a few minutes, an experienced instructor will show how to handle your two-wheeled vehicle and take you to San Francisco’s most important buildings, squares, and sights while regaling you with stories and legends of the city’s great past.  

Check our San Francisco Segway Tours and book yours today!  

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