Visiting San Francisco in Fall is Amazing!

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San Francisco is an exciting and vibrant city all year round. It’s a wonderful place to visit in any season, but for those who take a trip in fall, a rather special treat awaits them. There’s something magical about San Francisco in the fall months. The days are crisp and clear yet pleasantly warm, the evenings are lively, there’s there’s always something going on.


Fall Festivals

Fall is festival season in San Francisco. It’s the perfect weather for an outdoor event and with so much going on, you’ll easily find a festival that perfectly matches your own interests. There’s a literary festival for book lover, a fabulous three day bluegrass festival, and if you like your beer, the annual Oktoberfest by the Bay is not to be missed! The Autumn Moon Festival in San Francisco's Chinatown area is also well worth a visit.


It’s Lobster Season

When you visit at fall, you’re visiting during spiny lobster season and this is an amazing delicacy that you really must try at least once during your trip. Of course there is also plenty of other gorgeous seafood to be sampled such as clams, oysters, trout and the tastiest crabs. San Francisco in the fall is a haven for fish and seafood lovers.


The grape harvest

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Fall is grape harvest time and it’s always well celebrated. The San Francisco area is famous for some of the most delicious wines, so this time of year offers you the perfect opportunity to sample them! Many of the region’s wineries host special harvest celebration parties with samplings, food, live music and dancing.


The perfect time to get out and about

The mild fall weather makes it ideal for getting outdoors and exploring the city. There are some wonderful nature trails and of course you can visit the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco is so vast, it can be tiring attempting to see all the sights on foot, and very time consuming too. If you’re wanting to see all the highlights that the city has to offer, a segway tour is the perfect solution and it’s also incredibly exciting. It’s a mode of transport different to any other and most definitely more fun than any other. Forget taking a bus or hiring a bike, try something new and book a segway tour on your next San Francisco break.

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Fall evenings at Fisherman’s Wharf

With so many fantastic restaurants and bars with outdoor seating, you’ll love a night out at Fisherman’s Wharf. This place has an amazing atmosphere and if you’re a fan of seafood you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a place to eat. You’ll find street performers and live music here and you’re sure to have a memorable night. Be sure to check out Pier 39 and see if you can spot any of the many sea lions who live there.


Don’t forget to book your segway tour

Now we’ve inspired you to take a fall trip to San Francisco, when you’re making your holiday preparations, don’t forget to visit our website and book your segway tour of the city. It only takes a minute and then you’ll have your fun tour all sorted!

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