Easy ways to save money when visiting San Francisco

Planning a trip on a budget needn’t be stressful and you certainly don’t need to miss out on all that San Francisco has to offer. Like any other city trip, a visit to San Francisco can be expensive, but there are plenty of ways to save money on your holiday without skimping on the fun!

teaser Easy ways to save money when visiting San Francisco

Choose the cheapest transport

If you’re planning to travel by train, you could look into coaches instead, they’re often much cheaper. If you’re flying, look at the prices from different airports, different dates and at different times of the day. Hiring a car when you get there? Then booking in advance can often come with a discount too.


Keep your accommodation costs down

There is just so much going on in San Francisco, you’re going to spend most of your time out and about, so there’s no need to book a pricey hotel room. Why not look into renting an apartment instead? The great thing about an apartment is that you’ll have full cooking facilities. Of course you’ll probably want to sample some of the amazing restaurants in the area, but you could take breakfast or lunch in your apartment and some of your evening meals, and save a lot of money that way.


Choose a Segway tour rather than exploring by bus or taxi

Choose a Segway tour rather than exploring by bus or taxi

Holidays are all about the experiences you have and a segway tour is a great experience that the whole family can enjoy. If you want to see all the sights, the cost of taxis or even bus tickets can really add up. A San Francisco Segway Tour will show you all the highlights of the city and it’s great fun as well. They’re cheaper than you might think and your tour guide will also give you lots of interesting information about the sights you’re seeing. That will save you money on guide books!

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Eat like a local

Check out where the locals are eating. That’s usually a clear sign of a good value restaurant. Step away from the main streets and explore the side streets, these restaurants will usually be less expensive but the food will be no less delicious.


There’s so much to do for free

Many attractions charge an entrance fee, but in San Francisco there are so many things you can do and not spend any money at all. Do your research in advance and get a list together of free attractions to visit. From parks to museums and art galleries, if you’re clever, you could spend a whole week visiting all the free attractions in the city. A walk across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge is free of charge and certainly a breathtaking experience for anyone with a head for heights!

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Time your visit to take in a free festival

Time your visit to take in a free festival

There are several festivals of arts and music that take place in San Francisco that are free to attend. Visit when there’s a festival on and you’ll certainly have plenty to entertain you!

Money doesn’t make for a great holiday

The more you spend doesn’t mean the better the time you’ll have. A budget holiday in San Francisco can be even better than a lavish expensive one. It will get you off the beaten track, and exploring the outer reaches of the city in search of cheap food and entertainment. You might well discover some hidden gems. To make sure you’ve secured a place on a San Francisco Segway Tour for your holiday, do visit our website and check out the tours we have on offer.

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