3 Secrets San Francisco City Hide from You

3 secrets san francisco city hide from you inner

Upon hearing a city’s or places’ name, we instantly form a mental picture of the area, boiling down all we have heard about it to a distorted, at worst, or an oversimplified, at best, version of what the site actually is or stands for. Venice is full of overcrowded canals, London is teeming with expensive shops and Paris with romantic spots and lavish restaurants.

Such statements though, even when they scratch the surface of truth, are often as misleading as your image on a bronze mirror. And a city with such a rich history and countless legends like San Francisco could not be an exception.  The only way to really know such places is to spend some time there and learn their secrets.

And since you plan on visiting San Francisco in the near future and get a glimpse of its wonders, why not learn few of its well-hidden secrets? That way your overall idea of this magical place will be much more profound and knowledgeable. 


  1. Lincoln Park Golf Course Used to Be a Cemetery!

In fact, there are still human remains buried there! But let us take things from the beginning.

At the dawn of the 20th century there were no municipal golf courses to be found in San Francisco, despite the fact that the sport was gaining popularity fast. Back then the area now known as the Lincoln Park was a cemetery, called by locals “the Potter’s Field.” Still, certain golf buffs saw the site’s potential as a golf course and dug a few holes, instantly attracting throngs of players.

The immediate success of the project convinced local authorities to add more holes, and by 1909 they decided to remove the cemetery and replace it with a full golf course. The name Lincoln Park was designated by the Board of Supervisors the same year. It was only eight years later though that the Park had all 18 holes.

lincoln park golf course used to be a cemetary


  1. There is a Castle in Hunter’s Point with Underground Caves

In spite of its long past as a six-story stone tower, most visitors, as well as locals have no idea of the existences of the Albion Castle in Hunter’s Point.

Built in 1870, the edifice was initially erected to serve as a brewery. The idea was great indeed, since it had an underground aquifer providing a constant supply of cold water. The owner also built a castle home above the brewery. The whole place was stood on the outskirts of San Francisco, in an area then managed by some brothers named Hunters, and eventually became known as the Hunter’s Point.

Over the years the property changed many hands and usages, and in 1961 it nearly escaped demolition. In 1998 the property came under the possession of the sculptor Eric Higgs, and was used as a residence and an art and party venue. Most people walk right over it and don’t even know it’s there!


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  1. The End of Friendship Court

To finish, we present you with the perfect place to break-up - the End of Friendship Court, where all good things go to die.

Fascinated by these small secrets? There are plenty more out there! Join now our San Francisco Segway tour and learn and see all there is to know and see in this place of wonders! 

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