San Francisco Bucket List: 7+1 of the Best Things to Include in Your Trip

Any trip to San Francisco is amazing. There is just so much to see and do! The problem is, trying to pack in everything while you’re there. There are so many opportunities, it can seem overwhelming. You could probably spend a year in San Francisco and not do everything there is to do. Unfortunately, most of us only have a week or two for our vacation, so the trick is to do your research before you go and come up with your bucket list of those things you most want to include in your trip. Here are some suggestions for fun things to do in San Francisco. Will you add them to your bucket list?


  1. Take a stroll along Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf

take a stroll along pier 39 and fishermans wharf

When you’ve arrived in San Francisco, weary from your journey, a pleasant walk along the picturesque Pier 39 and exploring Fisherman’s Wharf is sure to revitalize you. The buzzing atmosphere will introduce you to the unique vibe of San Francisco before you move on to other attractions.

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  1. Hire a Segway 

Take the strain off your legs and see more of San Francisco in less time with a segway. Fisherman’s Wharf is the perfect place to hop on a segway and get exploring the city.


  1. Explore Union Square

Another great spot to visit is Union Square, a vibrant and lively area with so much to see and do.


  1. Ride the cable car

ride the cable car

One of the most stunning ways to see the city, is from the air. If you’ve had a busy day exploring the streets, escape from the crowds and take to the skies with the cable car. You’ll get some amazing views of the city, it really is breathtaking and really shouldn’t be missed on a visit to San Francisco.


5. The perfect Golden Gate Bridge photo opportunity

Just about everyone who visits San Francisco visits the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, but it’s really more spectacular viewed from a distance than it is when you are actually there. The best place for taking photos of the bridge is from Crissy Field. The view is absolutely stunning and it’s also a great place to relax with a picnic lunch.


6. Step back to the 60s with a visit to Haight Street

Haight Street became famous in the Summer Love in 1967 and the 60s vibe never really left. It’s a great place for people watching. You’ll find an eclectic range of more unusual shops than you find elsewhere in the city and there’s the chance to enjoy some live music too.


7. The Treasure Island Flea Market

Forget those ordinary tourist souvenirs, take a trip to the Treasure island Flea Market and pick up something truly unique as a memory of your vacation. Not only is this a fun place to visit, but you are also treated some really stunning views of the city.


8. Take a Segway Tour 

take a segway tour

One of the best ways to see the most of a city the size of San Francisco is to take a segway tour. You’ll see far more than if you took public transport, but you’ll cover a greater area than if you went on foot. With your expert tour guide you’ll get to learn more about the history of the city as you go. It really should be top of your bucket list as it’s such great fun!


Have a fabulous vacation!

So do enjoy your next trip to San Francisco and have your bucket list at the ready. Pick out those things you really want to do most, don’t burn yourself out trying to do everything the city has to offer! Select that which you most want to do, then start planning your next trip to experience more of the great attractions in San Francisco.

Get your segway tour booked in advance and you’ll be all ready to go when you arrive in San Francisco. Check out all our San Francisco segway tours and pick one today!

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