4+1 unique activities to do with your partner on Valentine's Day in San Francisco

It’s the memories you make that you’ll truly treasure, so make this Valentine’s Day a special one and check out our ideas for some unique ways to spend the day… 

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It’s time to show your loved one how special they are and take them out to do something fun and perhaps a little different. While roses and chocolates are lovely to receive, it’s the memories you make that you’ll truly treasure, so make this Valentine’s Day a special one and check out our ideas for some unique ways to spend the day… 


  1. A romantic dinner for two 

Don’t slave away over a hot stove this Valentine’s Day. Don’t take the risk of ruining the dinner and having to order take-out pizza. There are so many beautiful romantic restaurants in the city, so book a table for two now. Perhaps you have a favorite place to go, or maybe it’s a good opportunity to try somewhere new. The great thing about San Francisco is that there are so many places to eat, you’re truly spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate in fine dining, you want to share your mutual love of cheese burgers, or you’d like to try a tasty bowl of ramen for the first time, you’ll find it all in this amazing city. 


  1. Take a city tour with a Segway

romantic stroll is always lovely isn’t it? Taking in the scenery, perhaps stopping to admire a view with a kiss and a cuddle. But really, you can take a walk any time. This is Valentines Day so it’s time to up the ante! So how about taking a city tour on a Segway? It’s certainly going to make the day more memorable, and you might also learn something new about the city too. If you’re nervous about riding a Segway, then don’t be, it really is simple. You won’t fall off and embarrass yourself in front of your date. Check out this guide to learn more about how to keep your balance on a Segway.  


       3.  A romantic stroll at the Golden Gate Bridge 

a romantic stroll at the golden gate bridge

The iconic Golden Gate Bridghas seen it’s fair share of proposals, but whether or not you’re ready to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, it’s certainly a beautiful and awe-inspiring setting for a romantic stroll. Or, if you like the idea of the Segway tour we’ve already mentioned, then you’ll get some great views of the Golden Gate Bridge on your tour too!  


  1. Picnic at Golden Gate Park

If anyone tells you it’s too cold for a picnic, ignore them! If it’s a bit chilly, well it’s just a great excuse to cuddle up close to your beloved and give them a squeeze! Wrap up warm, pack a thermos of hot soup and some fresh rolls. Finish up with hot chocolate and don’t forget to take some heart shaped marshmallows to pop on top!  


  1. Go to the movies

Going to the movies is a classic thing to do on Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a new relationship, this can be a great way to spend your time if you’re feeling a little nervous as you’ll both be watching the film, and afterwards, you’ll have something to talk about! Why not make it extra special with a visit to an outdoor cinema? There’s something magical about watching a movie under the stars. Especially when you’ve got your other half snuggled up beside you! 

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to give a Segway tour a go, then check out our website and book your Valentine’s Day Segway city tour now! 


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