5 Interesting Facts About the Fisherman's Wharf Of San Francisco

5 interesting facts about the fishermans warf of san francisco inner

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco’s legendary neighborhood, covers the northern waterfront area of San Francisco, and traces its origins way back, from the days of the Gold Rush, when thorns of would-be gold-diggers swarmed in from every corner of North America, and Chinese immigrants fishing offshore bringing in shrimps, oysters, and salmon to the hungry workmen.

Soon, Italians set up stands along the coast, selling all sorts of seafood. That was it. Fisherman’s Wharf quickly became San Francisco’s melting pot. Soon, the area featured its own sub-culture, with the colourful fishing fleets, the never-ending songs, the exquisite seafood – and much, much more.

Since you will be there soon enough, it’s time you learned some rather interesting facts about this legendary area


  1. Around 12 million Visitors Swarm in Each Year

By far the most frequently visited place in San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf is estimated to host no less than 12 million visitors annually. The festive backdrop serves as a venue for cultural events and recreational activities for more than four decades, among which the “Fleet Week” celebrations in Fall is the most famed.


  1. Home to the Renowned Pier 39…

home to the renowned pier 39

Pier 39 is world-famous for its talented street performers, video arcades, and shops, as well as San Francisco’s gigantic Aquarium. Being the focal point of genuine fun and diverse recreation for children and grown-ups alike, it can keep a whole family occupied with its grant Italian carousel, the wax museum and the lazy yet so cute sea lions, which have “trained” humans to share almost all of their food with them!

Ah, let’s don’ forget the Ghirardelli Square, the chocolate addict’s asylum!


  1. … and to the Hyde Pier

The Hyde Pier is a fascinating place, taking visitors back to the age when neither Bay nor Golden Gate Bridge existed, and cars were ferried across the bay. Being part of the National Maritime historical Park, it offers you the chance to see up-close a paddlewheel tug, schooners and numerous other old vessels used by locals more than a hundred years ago.


  1. Base of San Francisco’s Fishing Fleet

San Francisco’s fishing fleet provided the fast-growing population of gold-diggers with cheap and prime quality seafood, and soon became the city’s emblem and one of its most prosperous industries.

Fishers descending from the seasoned mariners of the old are still active in the Bay, searching mainly for the famous local crabs and trout, and selling it to the local fish markets and restaurants. Visiting the city without enjoying a meal to one of those food joints is considered sacrilege in the area!


  1. Wondrous Views

wondrous views

Last, San Francisco’s Fisherman's Wharf is the favourite spot for photography buffs and first-time visitors, since it provides astonishing views of several other emblematic sights and landmarks of the area, including the infamous island-prison of Alcatraz, the Angel Island and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge.

A fascinating place indeed! And there is so much more to learn and see and enjoy in Fisherman’s Wharf!


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