7 Things All First-Timers Should Do In San Francisco During Their Stay

San Francisco is such a fantastic city, for countless reasons. One of them is the vast variety of activity options the city offers to both locals and persons who have just checked in a San Francisco hotel!

Apparently, you will soon be among them. So, it would not heart to know in advance seven things – activities all first-timers must do during their stay in the city of St Francis.


  1. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito

Let’s start with the most emblematic sight of the city: its crimson bridge linking San Francisco with the opposite coast offers visitors the amazing experience of crossing it – either by bike (rentals are available at reasonable rates near the bridge), on foot (it may be a little tiring that one) or, if you wish to have even more fun, try the way suggested in the last bullet!

Don’t rush the crossing, for heaven’s sake! Pause as often as you like, and feast your eyes on the stunning skyline, the endless watery horizon, the city’s maze. Ah, and then do remember to visit the picturesque Sausalito and try the local pizza!


  1. Have a Snack with… a Sea Lion at Pier 39!

have a snack with a sea lion at pier 39

Pier 39 – ok the name barely makes an impression; but as soon as you step your foot on the area, you will just feel beguiled by the scenery.

San Francisco’s waterfront is amazing, attracting millions of visitors each year, being a favourite hang sport for locals too. One of its best attractions, the cunning sea lions that love to share their meal – which is technically your meal, since you will pay for it – with you! Year after year, as soon as they spot a human being enjoying the delicious local version of fish and chips, they came close and with their irresistible large eyes and seducing faces eat most of it themselves!


  1. Enjoy The Mission’s Burrito

The oldest standing building in San Francisco, Mission Dolores, is home to the legendary ‘mission burrito’ – a version of the famous snack that has risen to holiness with its unusual flavours and spices. Enough said, please go there and try it!


  1. Visit Al Capone’s Cell

visit al capone cell

Alcatraz is a word forming mental pictures in our minds as soon as we hear it. The notorious correction facility, built on a little island off the coast of San Francisco, has “hosted” some of the most vicious and infamous murderers and gangsters in world history, including the “Scarface”, Chicago mob boss Al Capone.


  1. Spend a night out in Oakland

San Francisco never sleeps! Its nightlife is famed around the States, catering to all whims and fancies. Head for Oakland - options are just innumerable.


  1. Arrange an Excursion to Yosemite

arrange an excursion to yosemite

A visit to Yosemite is an experience that will never fade away from your heart and mind.

This national park will require a daily excursion to unveil all its charms and beauties, but it is 100% worth it. Either you choose to climb up boulders ten times your size, to marvel the pounding Yosemite Falls, admire the reflection of mountains in Mirror Lake or get lost with its famed sunset, Yosemite will steal your soul and haunt your dreams for the rest of your lives.


  1. Join a Segway Tour!

We left the best for last! Imagine yourself mastering this two-wheeled vehicle while leisurely seeing the City’s sights and monuments, having fun with your friends and family, roam the streets without dying from exhaustion and learning all sorts of exciting stories about the place and its people from an experienced guide!


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