First Time in San Francisco? Here Are 5 Reasons Why This City is the Best Place to Be

In a survey, people with rich travelling experience were asked to name the 50 cities on earth a person should visit at least once his or her life. Among the very first one in the western hemisphere, was San Francisco, the fourth most densely populated city in California, and one of the most captivating spots of our planet, renowned for vibrant life and diverse culture.

If you are among those unfortunate enough to never been there, you should take a look below. Among the dozens of reasons to schedule a visit to San Francisco, we have chosen 5 – most probably, they will convince you to make the most of the upcoming months and arrange to stay a few days there with your family or friends!  

  1. San Francisco’s Weather

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San Francisco takes pride in its superb climate throughout the year. Typically, within the city the air is cooler than the surrounding regions during the summer and a bit warmer during the fall and winter, making it an excellent choice whatever the time of year you decide on staying there.

  1. San Francisco’s Vibrant Recreation

In San Francisco, boredom may be passed as an exotic fruit! With so much to see and do in its diverse day and night recreation venues, San Francisco promises a never-ending fun-packed stay, for people of all ages. From Broadway shows to sports, from sophisticated melodies and operas to jazz, blues and rock joints, San Francisco has it all – and in abundance.

Need some straight recommendations? Try the Fillmore, the Warfield, The Castro Theatre and the Golden Gate Theatre!

  1. The City’s Diverse Culture

Being often described as a “melting pot” of dozens of different civilisations, peoples, morals, religions and habits, San Francisco is a genuine cosmopolitan centre. The city’s soul is an amalgam of traits and characteristics from almost every corner on the earth, making it a cosmos in a nutshell. This is actually one of San Francisco’s most fascinating aspects.

  1. An Array of Attractions

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A city of such eminence, rich history and wealth of legends could not but teaming with sights and unique attractions. Some of the most popular include:

  • The Alcatraz Island, the notorious island used as s prison for some of the world’s worse criminals, like Al Capone.
  • The city’s most emblematic sight, the Golden Gate Bridge, stretching for approximately 1,5 kilometres and towering as high as a 65-story building!
  • The Fisherman’s Wharf, famed for its legendary waterfront, superb delicacies and market.
  • The Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which is now the largest urban national park around the globe, covering more than 70,000 acres of land and water!
  • The Exploratorium, a vast complex dedicated to science and art.
  • The Presidio National Park, ideal for sports buffs, since it encompasses around 1,500 acres of hiking and biking trails, stunning beaches and amazing views.
  • And, of course, the Pier 39, the third most popular sight in the USA, attracting millions of visitors each year that love its dining, shopping and live entertainment venues.

  1. Finally, the Food!

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Directly linked its uniquely diverse culture and multinational inner character, San Francisco offers a bottomless chest of flavours and palate thrills!

Is there anywhere else in the world one can find such a combination of charms?

Sure enough, San Francisco is your next holiday destination; and the best way to explore and discover its wealth of beauty is riding on a Segway and joining one of our terrific tours! Do not wait – book Today!  

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