6 Undeniable Reasons San Francisco Will Always Be Amazing

 Maybe it is all of that together, along with the fact that in this city you can find a peace of mind just by gazing the beautiful natural environment, while at the same time you will never be bored with all the activities it has to offer. More specifically, San Francisco is the ideal place for you to: 


 1. Enjoy the Incredible Natural Environment  

San Francisco is gifted with some of the most exceptional natural landscapes found on the West Coast. Not too far from the city, you can see the Mount Tamalpais, the striking blue of Lake Tahoe, Marin Headlands, Yosemite and the list goes on! In case you do not want or have the means to leave the city, there is also the choice of visiting the numerous parks with lots of greenery inside the city limits or hopping your bike and explore the affluent biking trails.


2. Taste the Exceptional Wine 

The surrounding wine producing regions, with the famous Napa and Sonoma in their midst, have contributed a lot to San Francisco’s fame about its exceptional collection of wines. Tours to these wineries are available, but you can always enjoy a beautiful glass of wine almost in every wine bar of the city. 



3. The place to chill out  

San Franciscans praise art and liberalism. In fact, freedom is the core of the city’s culture, and you are about to see many people in the streets of San Francisco just chilling and expressing their individuality. San Francisco is, hands down, the best place to relax and get to know new and exciting people! 


4. Taste Some Street Delicacies  

You might have heard it already, and we confirm that the rumours are true: San Francisco is a food paradise! It might be the only place where tourists are not afraid to taste street food – because it is the best! There are choices for every taste; From a packed with calories yet yummy burrito to a more healthy option of a vegan cupcake, San Francisco will satisfy every craving of yours!



5. Meet our pal, Karl  


San Franciscans love their foggy weather so much that they name it affectionately Karl the fog, and post pictures of misty scenery to a social media page named after him! It might sound a little bit crazy, but you will understand their way of thinking once you visit San Francisco and fall in love with this magnificent city, too! 


6. Stay Fit with Outdoor Activities 

San Francisco offers wide outdoor spaces ideal for workout activities – bicycling trails, surfing spots at Ocean Beach, hiking boulders, even yoga lessons in Golden Gate Park! In San Francisco, you do not need to hit the gym to stay fit!  

There you have it! Spectacular natural environment, new and exciting friends, tasty and healthy food choices, and numerous outdoor activities to keep up your exercise routine! It seems that San Francisco has all the package, isn’t that right?


Why don’t you find out yourself up close, by booking a Segway Tour and enjoy in a single ride all the beautiful sceneries of this amazing city in a fun and exciting way! Plan and book your tour now, and our experienced guides will help you learn the whereabouts of the city in no time! Enjoy the trip, enjoy the ride!  

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