5 Reasons San Francisco is Awesome Throughout the Year

If you ask the frequent visitors of San Francisco the reason they keep on coming to the City by the Bay, you will get rather different answers; yet, you can easily discern the one thing connecting them all: the admiration for this wonderful city.

Naturally, there are plenty of reasons to fall in love with San Francisco, even at first sight: the fog engulfing softly the city like an airy blanket, setting the scene for romantic nights all year round, the tasty, organic food, the exceptional gourmet dishes and, of course, the vast variety of choices in sightseeing places, are just some of the reasons why San Francisco has stolen the heart of so many.

Yes, it is true, San Francisco is wonderful all year round! Check below some additional reasons.


  1.  Awesome Natural Beauty

san fransisco awesome during the year natural beauty inner

While autumn lasts only for a little while in most parts of the US, here in San Francisco fall marks the start of a long period – often till mid-November- of mild weather and leaves with vivid orangey hues. San Francisco’s numerous parks are just perfect to enjoy the nature at its best, while on 11th of November, Veteran’s day, you can visit all national parks for free!


  1. All Sorts of Festivals and Cultural Events

San Francisco is an ever-partying venue. Festivities, concerts, shows and all kinds of cultural events are almost as frequent as weekends! While Halloween and all these gloomy Treat or Trick customs dominate the Fall, you will find that the City has much more to offer to its fortunate visitors!  


  1. Fresh Autumn Goodies for Foodies

san fransisco awesome during the year food inner

It is not a secret that San Francisco has set the standards for exceptional quality food, and if you consider yourself a foodie, San Francisco will not fail you down whatever the time you choose to go. If you opt for the coming fall, note that the farmers’ markets are full of fresh seasonal veggies, like eggplants, artichokes, and winter squash. Also, rest assured that the famous restaurants of San Francisco will be packed with these autumn goodies!


  1. Multiple Choices in Outdoor Activities

Since the tourist craze calms down a little at fall, this is undeniably the best season to hit the outdoor activities, which- by the way- are plenty. San Francisco has something for everyone indeed: boat rides around the Bay area, whale watching, hiking activities for the more athletic types, family picnics at the countless- as we have already mentioned- parks or watching romantic sunsets from the beach.  


  1. Segway Tours

The locals know well that there isn’t a better way to show the magic of this vast city to their friends than with a Segway Tour! With the help of your tour guide, you will see the most famous spots of the city, learn its history and find out the San Franciscan’s most cherished secrets.


One tip: have your tour during your first days in San Francisco, so you can have a full scope of the city and spend more time later at the places that caught your eye during the tour! Thus you will save much time and enjoy your trip to the full!

So, what are you waiting for? Book a Segway tour today!

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