5 Funny & Awesome Things to Do with Your Kids This October in San Francisco

Fall is not the most pleasant period of the year for kids. It usually connected with the return of school, gloomy days and loads of rain. Some parents, wishing to cheer them up, wait for the Halloween celebrations to spend time with their children - but we have a better idea.

 Why not show your kids they do not have to wait for a public holiday to have fun? Besides, San Francisco offers so many opportunities for awesome family activities you could easily devote each of October’s weekends to a different one!  

Below, you will find five great fun-packed ideas!

  1. Go Ice-Skating  

san francisco ice skate inner

October is probably the best month to take your kids out for ice-skating. Temperatures are much friendlier for their sensitive body, while the activity itself is thrilling and exciting for both them and the grown-ups – which is great since often things that keep kids excited can bore to death their parents!

Ice skating is great for many other reasons. It helps kids, even those who are hyperactive, remain focused and concentrated, while training their whole body to exhaustion. Also, no matter the weather, ice skating rinks are always open, particularly in San Francisco. So, wouldn’t it be a great gift to spend a day out ice skating with them?

  1. Inspire them Love for Knowledge

San Francisco has plenty of museums specially designed to keep kids and youngsters entertained, but there is one that stands out as the kids’ paradise of knowledge.

The Children’s Creativity Museum breaks the bonds of the conventional environment of play, by inspiring children to imagine, create and share in diversified, advanced multimedia environment. The Museum’s programs and exhibits are designed to excite their imagination and cultivate their innate creativity. The Community Lab, the Imagination Lab, the Animation Studio, the Tech Lab and the Museum’s Music Studio have created truly magnificent media projects and experiences that will engage your children fully. All studios and exhibits are designed and operated by skilled artists and educators.   

  1. Take them on a Journey to the Stars

In October, the Morrison Planetarium hosts some of its most stunning visualisations of the forces of the Universe, integrating all recent findings, latest discoveries, and theories about how the Cosmos evolves and expands around us. All exhibitions, including the one devoted on earthquakes, the Universe’s dark side and jaw-dropping stars and galaxies, are precise mirrors of a real-world counterpart, projected onto Morrison's 75-foot-diameter screen – a truly immersive, unforgettable experience!

  1. Meet Octavio!

aquarium bay inner


The San Francisco Bay Aquarium, among the best in the Western hemisphere, will take you and your little one closer than ever to more than 20,000 local marine animals, while knowledgeable naturalists answer your questions and guide you through hands-on animal encounters! Still, there is one more reason to visit the place in October!

The Aquarium celebrates its newest member to the marine family residing in its facilities: the charming Octavio, a Giant Pacific Octopus. Wouldn’t be great to learn more about the Aquarium's newest star?

  1. Take them On a Segway Tour

Do you need something more… exhilarating, exciting, informative yet out of the ordinary? Do you need something that will blow your kids’ minds away? Opt the Segway!

Segways are perfectly safe for small children, especially when they ride under the supervision of our seasoned guides! Explore the city of San Francisco in a way you have never done before while having fun with your precious ones. Can you think of a better way to spend your next weekend as a family?

Don’t wait for public holidays to spend time with the most precious treasure of your life! Start this weekend, with a Segway Tour! Don’t delay, book today

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