5 Travel Tips for an Economic & Wonderful Trip In San Francisco

San Francisco is supposed to steal your heart and soul, not your bank account! So, if you are planning to visit this city of wonders but fear what that might mean for your wallet, we have great news for you.  

There are plenty of ways to reduce the overall cost of a visit to this wonderful destination, and we have thought it would be a great idea to mention a few in this short article. Further, being able to spend less money on trifles will allow you to see even more of this wondrous place and make your escape there even more memorable and exciting!  

  1. Finding Economical Accommodation

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San Francisco is scarcely an expensive destination – at least compared to other major cities and metropolises in the US. Still, there are ways to get even smaller prices for decent accommodation, without any compromises in cleanness, comfortable sleep and hygiene. On the contrary.  

Your first step will be to check websites comparing hotel prices and make a list of those within your capability. As soon as you contact the manager, ask if there are any additional charges in the room price, including parking charges, or the use of certain facilities. Some hotels are willing to offer lower rates (particularly during early fall, which is consider an off-season period) if the visitors do not intend on using some of the offered services or facilities.

  1. Schedule your Visit during in Off-Season Spans  

Next, you can pick a month that is considered off-season for San Francisco. The upcoming months are actually an excellent period to plan your visit. Parks and museums have much fewer visitors, means of transportation are far comfier, and the weather is excellent for both outdoor and indoor explorations.  

  1. Free Entrance

free entrance attractions

 “Free” – the favourite world of all those travelling on a budget; and San Francisco is full of it! A great number of attractions, sights, galleries, museums and sites are open to the public and free, and an equally big number offers free admission on certain dates. Things are simple then. All you have to do is cook-up a list of the places you ardently wish to see and make sure your visit falls into one of these dates.

  1. Multi-Sight Pass

Another clever way to lower the cost of your visit is to check on passes that allow you to enter more than one sights and attractions on a discount.  

  1. Move Around the Clever Way…

There are plenty of ways to move around San Francisco economically. Car rentals are cheaper during the fall, and before Christmas, public transportation fees remain the same, including taxis. Bicycle rentals are a nice way to move around, but they will take you only to some parts of this great city.

In fact, the best way to move around San Francisco and see all the sights and attractions without draining yourself out of energy and developing blisters under your feet is the Segway! Just pick your favourite colour, grab the steer, and you are ready to go! By joining one or several of our San Francisco Segway Tours you will be able to move all around this amazing metropolis, without any fear of exhaustion - both of your body and your savings!

In short, move around San Francisco the clever way – the Segway! Don’t delay, book today!  

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