6 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit San Francisco Once In Your Lifetime

It comes as no surprise that San Francisco is a top destination for first timers and returning tourists, old-bird explorers as well as local visitors.

San Francisco is far more than that. It is a place that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. Want to find out why it deserves a prominent position on your bucket list? Check out these six reasons that arguably will set San Francisco as your next vacation destination.

  1. A Genuine Metropolis

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    San Francisco is a dense city. Accommodating a brimful of attraction sites and amenities, it is geographically compact with a footprint of just 50 square miles, offering visitors the opportunity to discover almost all highlights of the city within a single day. Start early and you ‘ll have plenty of time to pay Alcatraz a visit, walk through the alleys of Chinatown, visit some of the world’s most renowned museums, go for shopping down to the Union Square, take selfies from the Golden Gate Bridge, have a romantic ride with the cable car and so on.

  2. Every corner has its own magnificent view

    Due to the scenic beauty, San Francisco possesses, almost every corner is a setting for a breathtaking view. The steep slopes of the city provide a clear view towards Alcatraz Island, the Treasure Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Golden Gate Park, the Embarcadero Financial District or the Presidio. The stunning vista of the Pacific Ocean stretching to the west, the beautiful sunsets from the Sunset District, the waves of the sea crashing on the Sea Cliff, the Lake Merced Park, all these and many more places bear witness to the immense natural beauty San Francisco is blessed with.

  3. A paradise on earth for the bon vivant

    With more than 4,000 top-notch, gourmet restaurants squeezed into the small area of the city; one can easily grasp the overwhelming number of choices. San Francisco’s gastronomy adepts brag about the fact that not even two restaurants are alike. The chances are that even if you come from the farthest reaches of the earth, you will be surprised to find and taste your native cuisine. Bon Appetit dubbed San Francisco as the Best Food City in the Country, while six out of the best fifty restaurants nationwide are located in the city. The overwhelming number of choices for food and the guaranteed gastronomic quality will make your stomach feel like heaven right away.

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  4. An amalgam of different cultures and people

    San Francisco comprises a unique cultural experience, and the various cuisines mentioned previously are just the tip of the iceberg. The city is open to international culture influences; something readily discerned in the art production and consumption level. For example, the city hosts some of the most recognized symphonic orchestras, operas, ballets, and music groups internationally. The different culture, color, race, customs, or religion is always welcomed by the open minded and sociable people of San Francisco

  5. The definition of Chinatown

    Located between Grant Avenue and Stockton Street is the oldest and largest Chinatown in the whole North America. Start from the Dragon’s Gate on Bush St. and move up to Washington St. The neighborhood is characteristic for the pagoda houses, the lantern lamps on the streets, the traditional Chinese shops and of course the abundance of friendly, Asian people. This small city within a city still keeps its customs, dialects, temples, social clubs, and unique identity. The experience will immediately make you feel you have teleported yourself in some Chinese capital city.

  6. World famous museums

    San Francisco’s museums will surely satisfy even the most demanding enthusiasts. Having a planetarium, a unique cable car museum, the Chinese Culture Center, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, the Museum of the African Diaspora, some of the finest classical and contemporary arts collection such as the Autodesk Gallery, world-class aquariums like the Aquarium of the Bay, or the Madame Tussauds Museum, is a guarantee that you and your family will have a great day at the museum.

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