8 Instagram Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit San Francisco

Searching for your next vacation destination? Search no more. San Francisco is the answer, no matter the type of traveller you may be.


Simply because this city combines everything a traveller could wish for. Blessed with a magnificent landscape, somehow this old city managed to preserve and breathe its long and turbulent history, although it is now home to some of the most high-tech and modern multinational firms in the world.

Its diverse and charming character is the reason San Francisco visitors are constantly taking snapshots of the city! But, since a picture is worth a thousand words, we have picked 8 Instagram photos of San Francisco that speak for themselves. Enjoy!

  1. San Francisco late at night

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The beauty of a total antithesis; San Francisco’s peaceful, empty roads compared to the buzzy atmosphere of clubs and bars. Driving in San Francisco late at night is more relaxing than a hot bath and allows you to marvel the magnificent architecture of the city at a slower pace.

  1. Twin Peaks – A panoramic view from the top

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The place to be for every photographer. Still, even if you are not into photography, once you find yourself up there, you are sure to be transfixed by the magnificent 360-degree views of the city. The site is spectacular any hour of the day, but, as shown in the photo, it transforms into a genuine piece of art after midnight.

  1. Approaching the infamous Alcatraz – the cruel side of San Francisco

Words fail to describe the surreal feelings bursting inside you when you approach this rocky island. Right before your eyes lies the first military prison of the nation, a haunting place that was used for more than 30 years to keep locked up some of the most notorious criminals in American history, with Al Capone on the top of this extensive list. A 45-minute audio tour with former inmates and guards as narrators will further spark your imagination of what was life like inside Alcatraz.

  1. A closer look of the Alcatraz Island

In 1986, Alcatraz was designated as a National Historic Landmark. Since then, there have been continuous efforts to make it more accessible to the public. If you have children, a visit there is a must. They will be amazed by the scenery and learn history at the same time!

  1. Awesome Street Food

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In San Francisco, food is simply fantastic! From tasty burritos to refreshing ice-creams, every corner hosts cute shops ready to whet your appetite with their delicacies.

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge

Instagram is overflowing with pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, and seeing this photo shows you why.

  1. San Francisco’s Cable Cars

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You can still enjoy a city tour with these 1983 vehicles, and get the feel of what life was like back then.

  1. The romantic bay

The last one… a true masterpiece that could inspire -or inspire envy- to Claude Monet himself, revealing Chicago's romantic side magnificently.

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