5 Interesting & Exciting Facts About San Francisco City

Is San Francisco a personal favourite of yours? If so, you probably know a lot already about this wondrous city. Still, the things you don’t know about San Francisco are probably even more exciting!  


Here we have five interesting facts about the city that most people ignore, including the permanent residents.   

  1. The Birthplace of… Fortune Cookies 

    fortune cookie inner

    San Francisco is the city where the idea of the Chinese fortune cookie was born . . . by a Japanese! Not so Chinese after all, huh? Though the very first version of the fortune cookie was made in Japan, Makoto Hagiwara was the one who, back in the early 1900s, served the fortune cookie as we know it today in the Golden Gate Park of San Francisco. What’s even more interesting is that an attempt was made in 1992 to export those cookies in China, but it failed because the cookies were thought to be “too American”! 

  2. It started out as Part of Mexico, not the USA

    san francisco skyline

    San Francisco was a Mexican city until 1848, the year that marked the end of the Mexican-American War. Before that, it was called Yerba Buena, which means “good grass” in Spanish. The gold rush in California also broke out the same year, 1848. Due to the discovery of gold, in the next ten years, the population surged dramatically from 469 to 35,000 people!  

  3. Al Capone’s Music Scene 

    al capone scene

    The island of Alcatraz hosted concerts with Al Capone’s band. He performed along with an inmate band, named “the Rock Islanders”, in regular Sunday concerts, where he played the banjo.  In fact, he also wrote his own song, “Madonna Mia”, which was later recorded by a devoted fan club! Evidently, Capone was much more than a hardened criminal.  

  4. A “Luxury” Prison… 

    al catraaz inner

    Alcatraz was the only prison that offered hot-water showers, but not for humanitarian reasons, nor as a gesture of human kindness! The whole idea was to prevent prisoners from adapting to the cold temperature and thus think about escaping through the frozen waters of the San Francisco Bay

  5. The San Francisco International Airport is an earthquake resistant building 

    san francisco airport

    The weight of the whole structure is supported by 267 columns. Each one of them rests on a steel ball bearing. During an earthquake, the movement of the ground makes these steel balls roll, absorbing all the motion and ensuring that the rest of the building to stand still. With this clever design, the airport can resist an earthquake of magnitude 8! 

Interesting, isn’t it? You probably never heard of these facts before, but even if you knew some of them, rest assured this beautiful city with the exciting history has many more secrets to reveal. And the best, most fun and relaxed way to unravel them is a Segway tour!  

Our expert guides guarantee a memorable experience, full of sightseeing and history facts, not to mention the fun of riding the Segway! So, what are you waiting for? Book your Segway tour now! 

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