Wondering What Locals Love About San Francisco? Check The 5 Most Lovable

First time in San Francisco and wondering how to start a conversation with the locals? Well, if you already love the thought of being in this wonderful city, the high chances are that you won’t have a problem starting new friendships there!

The reason is simple; San Franciscans adore their city and can’t stop talking about their way of living. Still, if you really want to amaze them, bring on any of the following topics, and you’llunderstand pretty soon that you’ve discovered a soft spot:

  1. Brunch

brunch in artic

San Francisco is famous for its nightlife, with numerous clubs and bars in almost every neighborhood. Combine this fact with the Instagram craze of our era, and it becomes crystal clear why brunch is the talk of the town. Moreover, some of the best spots for a great brunch are located in San Francisco, and that makes it inevitable to talk about brunch all the time! Ask the locals for their preferences...you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Burritos


In the same category, Dztalking about food,dz we cannot help but mention burritos. Don’t be surprised if you hear a San Franciscan talking about burritos like it’s the best thing after the invention of the wheel. Go taste the famous San Francisco burrito, and you are sure to follow this obsession! Perhaps you might find your own favorite burrito spot, like every genuine San Francisco resident!

  1. Fancy Coffee


Living in San Francisco without having a coffee addiction is a rare phenomenon. The high-paced rhythm of this city demands high doses of caffeine, and that is why San Franciscans have become experts in the coffee sector. Simply ask them, and they will be more than glad to inform you of all the different blends and brews of a good coffee shop.

  1. Warm Weather

warm weather

Another popular topic for small talk is to talk about the weather. The warm weather of San Francisco, with the temperature often rising over 75 degrees, makes the locals wish for the comeback of Karl. This is not a person, but the fog that is a regular visitor of San Francisco.

  1. Dogs

love dogs

Almost every resident of San Francisco likes dogs, and figures show that clearly. San Francisco records show 103,000 children and over 120,000 dogs! Yes, San Franciscans love dogs, and they are proud of it, that is why they carry their furry friends with them everywhere! If you own a dog, you are lucky; you already have a lot to talk about with your new friends, here, in San Francisco.

Overall, San Francisco is well-known for its scenic beauty and top-notch restaurants, so there is no wonder why the locals love to spend their time in their city and talk about it. Make sure that you’ll visit all the hot spots of the city, and you’ll talk about it, too! Best way to do it? The expert guides of your Segway tour will give you a hand! Book it now, and make the most out of your trip to San Francisco!

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