Planning A Trip To San Francisco This Year? Here Are 5 Green Places to Visit

Are you excited about your upcoming trip to San Francisco? We cannot blame you. This amazing City by the Bay has the whole package: urban landscape with lots of awarded restaurants for a classy and chic night and jaw-dropping natural beauty for a perfect escape from the buzzy city.

Speaking of the latter, we have gathered five spots that are blessed by nature and further beautified by humans, five spots you should not miss by any means while you are visiting San Francisco:

  1. Garden of Fragrance

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Upon hearing the name of this garden, the first thing popping into mind is scents that seem to have come from another world. Indeed, such a description does not go far from the truth, since the Garden of Fragrance is a garden full of fragrant herbs and its purpose is to provide a delightful experience that engages all the senses. Designed in 1965 with the special needs of disabled and visually impaired persons in mind, this garden is a real paradise for everyone! A true gem of the San Francisco Botanical Garden that shouldn’t be missed.

  1. Wood Line

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This enchanted place came into existence with the aid of the US Army in the late 19th century when the soldiers planted Eucalyptus trees there. In the course of time, the large amounts of leaf litter suffocated other species of trees, leaving a gap inside the woods. This atmospheric footpath, the oldest in the Presidio area, was lined with trunks and branches by the Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy, hence the name DzWood Walking down this path makes you admire the perfect blend of nature’s works and human interference. A truly unique excursion and a memorable experience for everyone, and especially children.

  1. Mescaline Grove

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Though its official name is Tree Fern Dell, the ethereal appearance with the exotic touches is responsible for the nickname DzMescalinedz that the locals use since 1960. The Grove had its early start back in 1890when John McLaren planted the first exotic tree ferns coming from the faraway Australia and New Zealand. The city’s warm weather made the trees thrive, and the small grove expanded quickly. If tropical landscapes are to your liking or if you have children that dream of a dinosaur hunt, don’t miss it for the world!

  1. San Francisco Botanical Gardens

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Having their doors opened in 1940, San Francisco Botanical Gardens never stopped being a work in progress. We already mentioned the lovely Garden of Fragrance, which is part of this 55-acres masterpiece, but there are so much more that deserve your attention! With over 8,000 species, including rare plants and prehistoric ferns, this garden is not only a feast for the eyes but also an educational treasure trove. Scattered through the garden, the remnants of a 12th-century monastery make the picture complete.

  1. Tenderloin National Forest

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Last but not least, don’t forget to visit Tenderloin National Forest. Located in an area that was once infamous for drug dealings and litter accumulations, it is living proof that humans can make the difference and turn over a new leaf provided there be goodwill. A combination of urban art and various plants has transformed the former notorious neighborhood into a colorful oasis in the heart of San Francisco. Moreover, all these with the efforts of a nonprofit group. A place that’s worth paying a visit.

Perhaps you are amazed by all the greenery attractions San Francisco has to offer! Since it might be a little difficult to spot them, you may no wonder how to compress your valuable time to see them all while at the same time you want to maintain the carefree spirit of your vacations, right? No worries! By booking a Segway Tour, you can be easily informed about the attractions above and even more, visit them with the guidance of the experts, and have a fun experience while riding the Segway! Don’t miss the opportunity to have the time of your life in San Francisco! Find out more at Segway tours and program your ideal vacations now!


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