The Top 5 Things to do in San Francisco this Summer!

San Francisco - a city of dreams and charms, a place of new experiences and unique natural beauty, and, apparently, your next summer destination!

Dominating the homonymous Bay and the neighboring Pacific coast, San Francisco is actually almost entirely circled by the sea and is widely famed for its summer fogs, chilly summers, impressive Victorian buildings, cable cars and lovely vistas.

However, a city of such enormity offers uncountable options to tourists, especially to those visiting the city for the first time. So, we thought we lay a hand! Here are the top 6 things one must surely do in San Francisco this summer!

  1. Check the Transamerica Pyramid

 Transamerica Pyramid what to do

Right on the center of the San Francisco’s Financial District, the Transamerica Pyramid is more of a city emblem for the locals. Its creator, W. L. Pereira always believed the pyramid to be just perfect for skyscrapers, reaching the clouds without depriving the surrounding streets of the sun’s light and the air’s breeze. His pyramid finally reached as high as 260 meters and remains by far the tallest building in San Francisco.

  1. Board the Cable Cars

rail carts wah 

San Francisco’s renowned Cable Cars operate on three lines between the vibrant crowds of Market Street and Fisherman’s Wharf. Offering a fun ride in some of the most interesting parts of the city, it is the best way to experience the vibe of everyday life in San Francisco.

  1. “The Rock”

 alcatraz what to do

Known as USA’s most notorious prison, and once its safest, home to some of the most infamous criminals in the world (like Al Capone and “Machine Gun” Kelly), the Alcatraz Island, also known as “The Rock,” served initially as a lighthouse, but its strategic position in the San Francisco Bay quickly turned it into a fort, and eventually a top-security prison. Encircled by icy waters that could kill a man almost as fast as a gunshot wound, Alcatraz earned the reputation of being inescapable, despite the efforts of several inmates to prove otherwise. The Rock’s thrilling sagas and fearsome facilities are now open to visitors and one of San Francisco’s most fascinating attractions.

  1. Fisherman's Wharf

 fishermans wharf what

Another extremely popular attraction, not just in San Francisco, but in the USA in general, Fisherman’s Wharf extends from Pier 39 to Municipal Pier, right where the city’s Aquatic Park ends. Being for decades the hub of San Francisco’s innumerable fishing boats. Today is mostly visited by those keen on seafood of the best quality, while museums, historical buildings, and picturesque vistas over the Bay and Pier 39’s legendary sea lions make a visit to the place a “must” for all first-timers.

  1. … and, of course, Golden Gate Bridge

 golden gate bridge what

While Transamerica Pyramid is the city’s emblem for most residents, most foreigners and outsiders mentally connect their image of San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge, a gigantic suspension bridge connecting San Francisco and Marin County to the north. Delivered to public use at the end of the 40’s, the Golden Gate Bridge was back then the longest construction of this type in the world. Its celebrated fiery dye was explicitly selected to make it easier discernable through the thick fog that often cloaks the bay throughout the year.

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