If you’ve never ridden a segway before then you’re missing out! But nothing beats trying out a segway for the first time, so you’ve got that to look forward to

Does living in San Francisco make you more likely to become a billionaire, or are billionaires simply drawn to this beautiful, innovative and inspiring city?

San Francisco is a fun, beautiful and vibrant city all year round and has so much to offer. Here are five great places to visit there!

San Francisco is certainly an enchanting city. Here are some ideas for wonderful otherworldly locations to visit on your next trip and what’s more, they’re all free of charge!

You’ll no doubt discover some amazing places to take photos as you explore the city of San Fransisco, but here are some of our favourite spots that are incredibly photogenic…

Of course there are some world famous attractions that visitors must visit in San Fransisco, so add these great adventures to your ‘must do’ San Francisco list…

Spend a weekend like a tourist in San Fransisco and you’ll discover so much and have a whole load of fun to boot. Here are some ideas to add into your San Francisco tourist weekend itinerary!

Summer in San Francisco is always a fun time, there’s so much going on, you’ll never get bored if you seek out some family adventures.

Take a segway tour in San Fransisco and you can experience all the best viewpoints to take those fantastic Instagram images.

The great city of San Francisco is packed full of things to do and see. So here are five things that simply must be on your shortlist of things to do in San Francisco when you visit in the summertime!

Rife with all sorts of fun-packed alternatives, San Francisco is just the place for some unforgettable moments with your soulmate.  

Deciding what to eat in San Francisco – a city where several food and drink trends first started; Make the most of the suggestions of our experienced San Francisco guides…

Planning on a small trip in the Golden Gate City this May? Find 5+1 great ideas for activities this May in San Francisco!

If you’re thinking about taking a spring break, have you thought about a trip to San Francisco? There is such a wide variety of things to do, no matter what type of activities you enjoy!

When you visit San Francisco, you’ll want to see all the sights. But once you’ve seen the world famous attractions, it’s time to hunt out those hidden gems that are off the beaten tourist track.

If you’re a regular visitor to San Francisco, you’ve no doubt been to all the nearby major attractions. Here are some fantastic places for a super day out…

Segway boasts an exciting history. Discover 6 fascinating facts about Segway and its history you probably didn’t know.  

None goes to San Francisco to stay indoors – especially during the spring! Here is a short list of where you can go and what you can try when it comes to outdoor fun!

Have a taste of the things you may learn about Golden Gate Bridge by joining San Fransisco Segway Tours!

One of the most vibrant and culturally diverse parts of San Francisco is the Fisherman’s Wharf. So, get an idea of the things you can do and see there!

Spending a long weekend in San Francisco? There are so many things to do, that you surely need the help of an experienced local to guide you!

Winter temperatures may be chilly in San Francisco, but there is still plenty to do and see in this city of wonders, both indoors and outdoors.

San Francisco offers you the chance to break the mould and try all sorts of different and fun-packed things this December!

San Francisco is an exciting and vibrant city all year round. It’s a wonderful place to visit in any season, but for those who take a trip in fall, a rather special treat awaits them.

Taking a segway tour in San Francisco is a great idea; it’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s something a little different, but here are 5 more reasons for you!

San Francisco has so much offer, with just a little research you can find plenty of great family-friendly activities that you will all love!

Some brilliant suggestions for fantastic ways to spend your time when you’re visiting San Francisco…

Here are some great ideas for fun things to do when spending some summer time in San Francisco…

Put together a plan such as our example itinerary below and you’ll feel more organised and less stressed about your whistle stop trip to San Francisco...

A visit to San Francisco can be expensive, but there are plenty of ways to save money!

How are you enjoying the summer? Have you made any plans for fun things to do in the sun? Why not incorporate a San Francisco Segway Tour into your summer plans?

There is a way you can see all that San Francisco has to offer in just 2 and a half hours, without having to break out a sweat in a mad dash to see everything, and that way is the segway!

After consulting our experienced Segway Tour guides, we came up with a list of 6 visiting Do’s and Don’ts while touring San Francisco.   

And since you plan on visiting San Francisco in the near future and get a glimpse of its wonders, why not learn few of its well-hidden secrets?

Check how Segway Touring around San Francisco can affect your mental health positively.

We thought of shedding some light on some of the most important cultural and historic sites in San Francisco and we recommend you to do it during our San Francisco Segway Tour.

Here are some suggestions for fun things to do in San Francisco. Will you add them to your bucket list?

Well, San Francisco Segways tours gives you a unique chance to see San Francisco’s most amazing attractions and sights in just a couple of hours!

It’s the memories you make that you’ll truly treasure, so make this Valentine’s Day a special one and check out our ideas for some unique ways to spend the day… 

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco’s legendary neighborhood, covers the northern waterfront area of San Francisco. Since you will be there soon enough, it’s time you learned some rather interesting facts about this legendary area!

Winter – an epoch of cold breezes and rainy days, an era where fireplaces spread their warm hug and rugs make sure nights are cosy. Yes, winter is a time to stay inside… Or maybe not?

San Francisco is such a fantastic city, for countless reasons. One of them is the vast variety of activity options the city offers to both locals and persons who have just checked in a San Francisco hotel!

Among the dozens of reasons to schedule a visit to San Francisco, we have chosen 5 – most probably, they will convince you to arrange a trip there!

San Francisco is a gigantic work of art. If you plan to spend some time with family or friends, San Francisco is a perfect choice, especially in Winter. See why.

Why is San Francisco so amazing? Is it the fog, one of the famous trademarks of the city?  Is it the gastronomic delight you can find practically anywhere, from a simple street food to a gourmet dish of a posh restaurant?  

If you ask the frequent visitors of San Francisco the reason they keep on coming to the City by the Bay, you will get rather different answers; yet, you can easily discern the one thing connecting them all: the admiration for this wonderful city.

Fall is not the most pleasant period of the year for kids. It usually connected with the return of school, gloomy days and loads of rain. Some parents, wishing to cheer them up, wait for the Halloween celebrations to spend time with their children - but we have a better idea.

Segways may inspire some fear in some people, due to their 2-wheels design, making them wonder whether it will be possible to preserve their balance. In fact, though, balancing a Segway is far easier than learning how to balance a bicycle or a skateboard.

Tours – not just in San Francisco, but in any place in the world - can be exciting, educative and fun – or utterly boring! That is undeniably true, and over the years we have met many people who love travelling but avoid organised tours because they had one or more disappointing experiences in the past. Are you among them?

San Francisco is supposed to steal your heart and soul, not your bank account! So, if you are planning to visit this city of wonders but fear what that might mean for your wallet, we have great news for you.  

It comes as no surprise that San Francisco is a top destination for first timers and returning tourists, old-bird explorers as well as local visitors.

Fisherman’s Wharf is hands down the most popular tourist spot in San Francisco, and for a good reason too. 

Searching for your next vacation destination? Search no more. San Francisco is the answer, no matter the type of traveller you may be.

Is San Francisco a personal favourite of yours? If so, you probably know a lot already about this wondrous city. Still, the things you don’t know about San Francisco are probably even more exciting!  

First time in San Francisco and wondering how to start a conversation with the locals? Well, if you already love the thought of being in this wonderful city, the high chances are that you won’t have a problem starting new friendships there!

A simple glance at our customer reviews is sufficient to convince you Segways are the best way to enjoy your summer escape to San Francisco, one of the world’s most fascinating holiday destinations. Segways are fun-choked, laugh-packed, easy to learn and ride and San Francisco sets the ideal scenery for a tour on them.

Are you excited about your upcoming trip to San Francisco? We cannot blame you. This amazing City by the Bay has the whole package: urban landscape with lots of awarded restaurants for a classy and chic night and jaw-dropping natural beauty for a perfect escape from the buzzy city.

San Francisco - a city of dreams and charms, a place of new experiences and unique natural beauty, and, apparently, your next summer destination!

Going to San Francisco is already a dream coming true, isn’t it? But why say no to an upgrade?

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